Who I am

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Let me start from the beginning and say a bit more about me. I am assuming you already saw my portfolio and notice that I have a solid experience in web industry. 

The main points of my background that I think are most valuable for you and your design project  is that I have worked on more than 50 website projects and  create several SaaS platform designs.

In the past years I was working on the projects from the start till the final visual implementation – which means I cover the UX and UI part. I made the research, collect feedback, follow the trends and best practice in the user experience and at the end make all visuals to look pixel perfect and beautiful.

I may said that the UI designer in me take a bigger part as I feel better, if the final UX proposal is not only great functionally solution but also have an outstanding visual design, but I think this is only a plus to the great user experience.

Other really strong advantage that I have and might be a interested for you is that In the last 3 years I took a lead part in the design process in a  startup company that built cross-platform system, which is a Dynamic object content management system  (DOCMS) that helps the businesses to management their process and make the communication between other system in the manufacturing easy. And all this almost with no code.  As a designer there I did everything from teh beginning till the final live application – even the CSS styling of the platform. This project gives me a strong experience and  knowledge of how they works, what problems people face and how to solve them by design. Of course all business and markets are different and here comes the part with the continues learning and improving skills. And I am a person who looking for constantly improving skills and knowledge. I also have a good experience in freelancing and self motivating which guarantee I am good in organize and prioritize my own project, also I have a  strong agency background and easy collaborate with other team members such as developers, product managers and marketing team members. I also have experience of managing small teams and coordinate other people work to meet teh project deadlines.
Some Work Details

What I am good in


What I did so far


After Effects


Experience in Graphic Design


UX and UI Design of Mobile Applications


Experience in UI/UX/Web Design


Design & Build responsive websites


Identity and Branding Design


UX and UI Design of SaaS platforms
2022 - Present

Senior UX Designer

Working on and own project of full redesign of Applicant Tracking system parallel with adding new features to the product. Be responsible of implementing and connecting AI chatbot flows to the ATS and merge user journeys and flows. Formal lead of design team, helping them in decission making and guide them to improve their skills. Working closely with the team on several big projects as Near Real Time data dashboard, AI chatbots, etc. Together with the team working on new design system and implement in all company roducts.

2018 - Present

My work is in too main flows: 1. Web Design & Development, Branding, UI/UX Design, Backoffice & Platform Design, Social Media & Newsletter Creatives for clients. 2. Design and Developing the user experience and visual elements of FrikiTables Web Application (company inner product).

2017 - 2020

Lead Designer and Project Manager Asimodo Ltd.

Managing large and small scale project. Leading the process from the creative brainstorming till the final project implement. Working closely with the stakeholders and managing the developer and marketing team work to meet the requirements set on the beginning of the project. Be responsible to deliver high quality products and meed the deadlines.

2015 - 2017

Senior UI/UX Designer / Senior Web Designer

Working on projects like - white label website, responsive sites, e-commerce sites, landing pages, video funnel, mailers/newsletters, static and gif banners, creating logos, branding materials and any other promotional materials. Creating WordPress sites - designing and developing.

2015 - 2017

Senior UI/UX Designer / Senior Web Designer

Create web standards and flow charts for company's customers (B2B and B2C websites). Creating large scale websites and white labels. Designs the visual layout for websites and web-based products. Designs graphics, banners, landing pages, forms, and navigation schema. Responsible for integrity of the design and functionality of the user experience on significant projects / products.

2014 - 2016

UI/UX Designer / Senior Web Designer

Working as Freelance Web Designer closely with company developers to create mobile apps. For the time of the colaboration I designed and deliver 4 mobile applications for banking trasfers and documents approval, 1 social media app and 1 application for alternative job searching.

2014 - 2015

Graphic Designer and Advertising Specialist

Working as Freelance Web Designer closely with company developers to create mobile apps. For the time of the colaboration I designed and deliver 4 mobile applications for banking trasfers and documents approval, 1 social media app and 1 application for alternative job searching.

Galya Nencheva design - logo
2009 - Present

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

Working on all kind of a projects. Some of them, but not limited are: - Digital art - photomanipulation and digital drawings - Vector illustration and Vector portraits - Packaging and labels - Book covers - Design of websites and web based project - Design and Build WordPress websites - Design and Build Shopify e-commerce website - Making wireframes and mock-ups for websites and mobile apps - Making clickable and interactive prototypes for web based products - Mobile and Web apps design - Creating whitelabel websites and prearing templates - Brand identity and logos - Social media creatives - Newsletter and banner designs


"I worked with Galya on more than 50 big and small project. She is the best designer I have worked with!"

Assaf Dayan - Owner, Asimodo Ltd.

"Galya makes great designs and deliver them always on time!"

David Nussbaum - Owner, Skale

“After I worked with Galya on my new website, I am calling her anytime I need designer!”

Doron Benita - Owner, Quality Tech

“Best Designer Ever! You have to work with her!”

Yonina Cohen - Founder